Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection

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60 original theatrical shorts:

Elmer’s Candid Camera
A Wild Hare
Hold the Lion, Please
Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk
What’s Cookin’ Doc?
Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears
Hare Ribbin
The Old Grey Hare
Baseball Bugs
Hair Raising Hare
Racketeer Rabbit
Bugs Bunny Rides Again
Haredevil Hare
Hot Cross Bunny
Hare Splitter
Knights Must Fall
What’s Up Doc?
8 Ball Bunny

The Rabbit of Seville
Rabbit Every Monday
Fair Haired Hare
Rabbit Fire
His Hare Raising Tale
Hare Lift
Upswept Hare
Robot Rabbit
Captain Hareblower
No Parking Hare
Yankee Doodle Bugs
Lumber-Jack Rabbit
Baby Buggy Bunny
Hare Brush
This is a Life?
Rabbitson Crusoe
Napoleon Bunny-Part
Half Fare Hare
Pikers Peak
What’s Opera, Doc?

Bugsy and Mugsy
Show Biz Bugs
Hare-Less Wolf
Now, Hare This
Knighty Knight Bugs
Hare-Abian Nights
Backwoods Bunny
Wild and Woolly Hare
Bonanza Bunny
People are Bunny
Person to Bunny
Rabbit’s Feat
From Hare to Heir
Compressed Hare
Prince Violent
The Million Hare
The Unmentionables
False Hare
(Blooper) Bunny!